Monthly Archive: October 2001

What’s happened to humans?

At some point in my lifetime, I realized how much of a real rotten apple I was. I have always been somewhat humane. But not until a few years ago, I guess, did I realize that I was a blithering canker sore on the rear of humanity. I was the guy no one liked, because I was an asshole. I treated everyone the same. Everyone got the same cold, quick responses. I hated people. I hated what collectively, humanity stood for. I still do. I can’t say that situation has improved much.

But I realized that some people don’t fit into the same category as the rest of them. There are always those who float together, then there are those who don’t. I’ve never been one who glides along with the rest of the people. Often times I’ll be in the same stream, but going the opposite direction. I cannot stand – in fact I loathe – the direction collective humanity generally takes. To sit back and watch people interact will give you an idea the direction I am headed. Even take the worst bully in school, I would. I would think of him in a one-to-one situation. I knew he would react differently than if he had all an audience. People are weak. But when together, and in groups, they find strength in the ignorance of the rest of the party.

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