SpaceburnedWell after a busy ass weekend such as this last one, I’m about ready to collapse. Thursday night: I was off Friday, so Thursday became a perfectly legitimate drinking night. Went to Pop’s house, swam, drank. Friday night – went to watch H24’s girls play volleyball. Went out with Ashley, Tami, Tracy, Harmon and Kyle to Sneaky Pete’s afterwards. And drank. You know what’s great about the morning after eating a pile of nachos with about eighty jalapenos on them? Nothing. Saturday, Stout and I went swimming, threw darts, drank beer. Sunday during the day, we went to a water park. I’m redder than an angry Indian in a blood bath. And last night, being the Cowboy game, Jason and I sat at my bar and watched every play. And drank.

I’m just about ready for a little break from the drinking. I think I’ll take off from it for a few nights. I have to be ready to hit it again Friday night, you see.


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4 Responses

  1. Katy80 says:

    are you putting on weight for a role or something?

  2. Space says:

    All right, you little snot.

    Obviously, you’re going for a comedy role yourself.

  3. Jenny Lively says:

    Woowee! If that’s really you, Space, you’re pretty hot.

    I literally just stared at that picture for like ten solid minutes. I’m sweating now… :derp:

  4. Space says:

    Alll riiiiight. :cool:


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