Intro to the Darkness

Well, friends, fans and foes, the time has finally come. The time, that is, for me to make the announcement you’ve all been waiting to hear. For like three years. Yes, that’s the one! My fourth novel is finally finished! After you finish celebrating by banging pots together and doing jumping jacks and lighting off fireworks on the back patio, come back and read all about it! I’ll wait!

Okay, you’re back. I hope you didn’t burn your hand or lose any fingers. Or shoot the dog with roman candles. So as you might remember, I was closing in on finishing the novel back in January of 2016. Actually, that’s when I was actually technically finished with all the edits my Ideal Readers Group gave me. That’s literally three years ago. Wow. Anyway, alls I needed to finish at that point was the cover. I just needed to shoot a model wearing a blindfold and edit the file in Photoshop. That’s it! That should not take three years.

Fast forward to three years later, and I got a model to come stand in my dining room and I shot about fifty pictures of the same pose. I embedded it in the graphic workboard that had been sitting there patiently awaiting a model for three effing years and added some effects. Done. It was over so fast. So now it’s ready. I read through it once more in two short sittings and found a few more little errors, fixed those and sent it off. The Kindle ebook is available now and the paperback will be ready late this week or early next.

So you know things are pretty crazy around the Spacey house right about now. All the celebrating and high-energy. Lots of smiles. You know, the usual when something exciting happens like a new president is elected or a planet is kicked out of the Solar System. But let me tell you, friends, I’m already getting busy on my sixth novel. “But wait, Space, I thought you said this was your fourth novel!” Yes. It is. Back when I finished writing it, I typed the last word, closed the document, opened a new one and started writing my fifth. I got about fifty thousand words written and then lost some energy for it. I’m not quite sure where to go with it, actually. I mean, I know where, but there seem to be some mountains or large pits in the way. So I’m taking a break from it.

But allow me to tell you a little bit about this book. A little more than what’s on the back cover. So it’s called Into the Darkness because it is about a deep sea exploration, wherein a ship will have to be built to go to the very deepest part of the ocean. It’s pretty dark down there, from what I hear. It is also the story of a woman who is going blind, and is opted in for an experimental surgery where she receives bionic lenses.

I wanted to shoot the model blindfolded and naked. The blindfold represents the blindness she’s entering whilst she is surrounded by light. It’s only going dark for her, in other words. The nakedness is supposed to represent fear. Beginning a sightless life would be a pretty scary proposition for most of us. I imagine the best way to represent that fear and vulnerability is physical nakedness.

If you’re familiar with my bibliography then you know Callie and Walter are two of my favorite go-to characters to write. They are so real for me – mainly because I’ve been constructing story lines with them for nearly a quarter century now. I think I created them in 1995. They first appeared in Midnight’s Park, then reappeared in Resurrecting Mars, my second novel. Now they’re here again in four, and will also be in six.

I’m not ready yet to tell you what six will be about. But if you finish book four, you’ll know that where Callie leaves off, that’s where she will be picking up on page one of book six. And I think it’s going to all but write itself. Another thing about Into the Darkness is that a lot of the unanswered questions I left in Resurrecting Mars are addressed here. Some of them answered, some of them in the process of being investigated to be answered later. I know that will excite some of you.

It is therefore probably important to be familiar with that story before you start this one. It’s really the first time I have a pre-req-type literary dependency. I don’t like to do that, but I guess these books are kind of becoming a series in a way. The characters do grow from each story and move on to the next with these new experiences. You will also be happy to know that Walter is now married, and Callie is quickly on her way to getting there herself. Maybe. We’ll see, won’t we?

There are so many things I love about this book, and I’m excited to introduce you to some of these new characters. Though I think Codi (the blind girl) is very interesting and fun to work with, I’m not sure I’ll have a part for her in later books. Maybe a cameo here or there, but no real major driving force. Rebecca Judas, on the other hand… Now there’s someone I might be able to use again.

She’s quick and witty like Walter, extremely intelligent, very cool-tempered and professional but not politically correct. She’s an in-charge kind of gal who won’t take shit from anyone, and very protective of her friends. She’s also got some neat quirks I think you’ll enjoy learning throughout the book.

So with all of that said, it’s time for me to show you the link and ask you to go check it out. If you have a Kindle, you can grab a copy for 8 bucks. If you wait and buy the paperback, they will sell you the ebook for 3 I think. Either way, all I ask is that you please leave me a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon. Good, bad or ugly, every review helps me become a better writer. Or at least remember how rewarding it is. Thanks for your support! Click here to check it out on Amazon.


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