I just got drawn.

Katy 80 rolled into town last night for her old high school homecoming game. I expected to get to see her at the volleyball game, because – as luck would have it – Heather’s girls were playing Katy’s old school. She called me and let me know last minute that she was coming into town – at around two o’clock I got the call, and I was like hey wow, how convenient, swing by the volleyball game and say hi, and maybe you’ll even get to say hi to some old teammates amirite? I wasn’t going to go. But hey, Katy’s gonna be there. So I went.

And I sat in the stands by myself. For like ninety minutes. Well, Callie was with me. Running around, being her usual butterfly self. Because the same vehicle I raved about so proudly last month was the very vehicle she was driving in up from Austin. And that’s just a beating of a drive in a Jeep. So she was late.

Well, that’s okay. I’ll just swing by the football game and catch her there. No biggie. But then Heather throws a wrench in the intake when she says, “Oh, just stick around until my last girl leaves, and I can ride with you!” Uh, but yeah, no, yeah I’m planning on going across the street to the football field. “Well,” she says, “you can just run me back to my school so I can get my car.” Uh, yeah, but no, that’s in another city. Sigh. So I drive her back to her school and drop her off. It’s like twenty minutes away from Katy’s school. Well, anyway, Katy still hasn’t called yet, so she still isn’t in town.

No biggie. So I decide to run home and put Callie to bed while I wait. Heather was going to run to her high school football game to see if one of her volleyball girls made homecoming queen. Then she’d head home and I’d run out and meet Katy. Right? Katy calls. Space in PencilShe’s finally made it into town. It took her over five hours. Women. Anyway, cool, I say, I’ll meet you up there as soon as Heather gets home. I really wasn’t excited about driving all the way back out to Coppell from my home, but hey it’s been like two years since I’ve seen Katy. So I hang up with her. Heather calls. She’s on her way, right? Yeah, no. “Hi honey, I’m going to run to the bar for a few drinks with Ashley.” Sigh. Great. Thanks. So I call Katy back and tell her we’ll just have to make it tomorrow. “Phenomenal!” says she.

So Pete comes over and we sit in my bar getting lit and talking about football and guns. So all was well. This morning I woke up and texted Katy saying to call me when she was ready to get together for a while. She finally called around 1:30. So I ran out to her friend’s house to meet her there and we hung out in the backyard, where she sketched me in my hot new shades. The only reason I wrote this long boring ass column was for an excuse to post the sketch she made of me.


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8 Responses

  1. Someone Who Cares says:

    Hey that’s a nice sketch of Brad Pitt there, Space! Are you sure she was looking at you?

  2. Kinetic Kim says:

    Why you complain so much? At least you got to see her. :(

    That is a pretty good sketch. She is a realist. I.e. your shades are DEF bigger than mine.

  3. Peligro Pete says:

    What’s with the goggles? Did you guys go play paintball together?

  4. Anonymous says:

    it sounds to me like someone carries wrenches just to throw into your intake, space. if you know what i mean

  5. Katy80 says:

    ha! that was the worse drive ever! next time im gonna make sure i can stay in town for a few days insted of just one

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey katy if I send you a picture will you draw me?

  7. Katy80 says:

    sure! my email address is xxx@xxx.com

    Space screwed around with this message on 10/19/2007 at 21:20.

  8. Space says:

    Katy – no email addresses on the comments. Spam is a hard bell to unring.

    Anon – if you’d like to send her a picture, go to this page and send me your email address. I’ll make sure she gets it.

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