Let’s recap the weekend.

It was quite a busy one. You probably know by now that I didn’t get a tattoo on Friday, so that won’t be included here. So let’s start with Saturday. I ran out to Shift’s place to catch some college football and a few Cold Ones. The Ones are always Cold at Shift’s place.

Then we walked over to the Blue Note to catch the Tech game, where we sat across the bar from a bunch of losers rooting for Mizzou. Wrong state, assholes. Since I was at the bar already, and Shine lives in the area, I figured I’d call her and get her to join us there for a little football action. So she showed up in her costume (she was on her way to a costume party), which was an autograph book. She was the autograph book. Clever, eh? So I grabbed a marker from the bunch and found the only blank spot left on her shirt by that time, as you can see in this first picture.

Also there was friend Mandy, shown in this picture standing awfully close to me. You’ll see her again later on. Unfortunately, I can’t post all the pictures we took at the bar. Not because they’re too risque. But because there are too manue. (many) … (it was supposed to rhyme with risque and be cute.)

Oh yeah, and of course, Shift signed Shine’s shirt as well. Hello, alliteration! I’m not quite sure why he went for the back when there was so much real estate left on the fr- -wait, no, it was full already. Remember? Yeah. I wouldn’t typically aim for the boob. I mean, I’m a gentleman.

So this is just a pretty cool picture of Space and Shift having a smoke in the doorway. Oh wait, who’s that in – yeah! That is Mandy! You’re right! Good eye, dearest reader! I’m not sure but that there doesn’t appear to be any skirt material between her buttocks and the bench. But that’s okay. There wasn’t when she sat on Shift’s lap, either.

Then my friend Michelle showed up and had some Cold Ones with us – but Shine had left by then, so no pictures. You’re missing out on this one, I know. She’s hot. Maybe next time. Then we went back to Shift’s and played some music for a while, drank some more beer, and I had to call in a rescue taxi from sister Alexis. Wow. What an evening, eh?

Here we have Pete, sitting in the Space Bar, rooting for his Steelers. After a slow start to the game, he needed to help beef up their spirit by bringing his own. After the great win by the Cowboys, we (Jason and I) allowed him to watch his Steelers play Denver. Didn’t turn out as happy as our game, but we watched every minute of it with him, and even cheered on Pittsburgh with him for good measure. Better luck next week, Pete.

Yeah. The Lee & Perrin’s comes in these two-packs of huge bottled amounts of Worcestershire sauce. Which I use in serious abundance on my steaks. I split the plastic wrap and pulled the bottles apart, twisting them slightly at the end and uh – well, you can see how that worked out for me. Now my kitchen, my sandals and my phone (see it on my belt there?) all smell like anchovies. Hoo yah.

Good weekend, it was. Lots of good content coming up this week, too. Stay tuned, friends.


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8 Responses

  1. Moonshine says:

    You didn’t spill any of that shit on my hat, did you?

    People have been killed for less.

  2. Peligro Pete says:

    Fucking Steelers. Break my heart.

  3. Space says:

    Nope. Hat’s safe, babe.

    Think of all the steaks that bottle of L&P could have made great. Instead it went to my dead homies. What a damn shame.

  4. Does that mean that the unbroken bottle is now worth twice as much?

  5. Kinetic Kim says:

    Wow Mandy is cute! Did you at least have the courtesy to tell her that her skirt might have been a few inches too short?

    Great costume idea, Moonshine!

  6. ray says:

    i need to move to dallas. that’s where all the hot womens at.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Haha space you look like you shit your pants! In the front!

  8. Moonshine says:

    Mandy thought her skirt was too big. She may not have been the brightest crayon in the box, but she was really sweet.

    The costume is so much fun! You should see the one from last year. People usually feel a lot more creative at the end of the night…thanks, Kim!

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