Happy Space Day

It’s a new month, dear readers. And this might just be the month we’ve been waiting for. Let me tell you a few reasons why today doesn’t suck, to start with. Number one, it’s May. Spring is definitely here. It’s been gorgeous outside. Anyone who doesn’t believe that hasn’t seen me driving around all week. I’ve had the top down and the doors off all week! Oh, well, or maybe you just don’t live in Texas. It’s been gorgeous here.

I took the first three days of this week, and Friday of last week off. So I had a six-day weekend in which I could do a lot of driving around with the top down and the doors off. I don’t get great gas mileage in the Jeep, but hey, gas is pretty cheap these days, right guys? :shobon: Right? So that there is proof that today doesn’t suck. Today is Kinetic Kim’s birthday. She would have been thirty-two today. Happy birthday, Kim. That, of course, means I’ll pour myself a couple of fingers of scotch tonight in her memory.

Ha ha it's Space Day.You know, if I were to list out all the holidays and special dates I pour drinks for, you would be overwhelmed. May 11? Six pints for Doug. May 19? Stout’s birthday. May 22? My sister’s. May 25? National Towel Day. Well I don’t drink on that day by rule, but I do carry a bright orange hand towel everywhere I go. That should provoke a few drinks on its own. And let’s not forget that May 1 is Space Day. Seriously. And, well it’s the first Thursday of the month. And today happens to be Thursday too. Have a drink for me today, friends. (I think that’s what they’re talking about.)

But then this weekend is pretty big too. Saturday, May 3, you all know my band is playing at the White Rock Lake Festival. Downbeat will be 4:15. Get there early! Women are of course encouraged to leave their bras in the car as they mingle over to the area in front of the stage. This is a family event though, so no flashing. Sunday, it looks like Katy will be coming home. Only for a few days, but she tells me she’s stopping by the Space House for hugs and a rest stop. She’s driving home, you see. I won’t tell you why. I will let her tell you. She swears she’ll have a column for me by Monday. It’s good. And it’s kind of ironic, considering the rather large purchase I made yesterday. You’ll see.

Anyway, as I’ve made clear, May is one of the best months in the world. And it’s chock-full of reasons and excuses to drink! So get busy! And pour yourself a drink tonight for International Space Day. I’m so honored.


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8 Responses

  1. I’ll drink to that.

  2. I’ll drink to that.

  3. Someone Who Cares says:

    Happy Space Day!
    I never heard of that before.

  4. Becky Riles says:

    Aww, happy Space Day, Spacey! I too will have a drink tonight in your honor. (And Kim’s)

  5. Space says:

    Hey thanks yo. It’s also Thursday night. Which is always a good night to drink. :cheers:

  6. Jeremy says:

    I’ll be out drinking tonight for Ladie’s night out. I’ll be sure to tip one up for you Space. :cheers:

  7. I’d let that chick in the picture tickle my urethra with that tongue ring.

  8. Catina says:

    Good day to you sir… I said Good Day!

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