Happy Gay Pride Month

It’s June. How the hell is that possible? It seems like just yesterday it was May. Well, day before yesterday. This year is just hauling ass. Like a pickup full of donkeys. But it’s also Gay Pride Month, and I’ve something to say about this. You knew I would.

Just like Black History Month. And the Black Entertainment Network. And Indian Appreciation Day. I don’t even need to delve into that bullshit and how racist and divisive it is. But Gay Pride Month? Seriously? Do we really need to proud to be gay? Well I’m okay with your being gay, and your being proud to be gay. Let me rephrase. Do we really need to have a month that condones and celebrates outward pride about being gay?

And should we not, therefore, also celebrate being straight, those of us who are? How about a Sexual Orientation Pride Month? Forget singling out the homos! And the bisexuals. How about everyone gets to celebrate his sexual preference simultaneously? Would that not make more sense? Then we can have hetero pride parades and whatnot. Why should we discriminate against the norm by celebrating the minority – in any case? Not just sexuality! Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you need your own television network. That discriminates against all the other races! Dammit, I said I wasn’t going to get into that topic.

Anyway, once again, I’m pissed off at humanity for celebrating idiocy. I’d like to begin a new holiday starting now. June 5th, from now on, is National Day for the Rest of Us. It’s for the people whose race doesn’t have its own television station, its own history month, and who are discriminated against by the ridiculous bullshit that humanity throws out there. We can all take shots of vodka and bull semen to celebrate!

I’m tired, so tired, of hearing about how we need to be more politically correct – not just about tolerance of homosexuals. But about everything. You know it’s considered insensitive and even offensive to call someone a Mexican? Since when was Mexican a slanderous word? Isn’t that where they’re from? I even heard a teacher correct a student once when talking about an African man. Who lives in Africa. “Johnny, the correct term is African-American.” Uh, no, you stupid bitch, that man has never even seen America. He’s from Africa. He lives in Africa. He’s a frickin’ African.

We make people publicly apologize when they say something that might hurt other people’s feelings. Sharon Stone said some mean stuff about the Chinese. So effing what? Let people dislike her! Don’t force people to apologize for stuff, because it won’t be a genuine apology! What don’t you people get? We can’t call retarded people retarded, we can’t call handicapped people handicapped, and now, it’s gotten so bad that – hey, get this – I actually saw a t-shirt the other day that said, “My child has more chromosomes than yours!” as if to brag that the child has Down Syndrome. Seriously? Here’s the site for those interested. I know that’s off-topic a little bit, but people are trying so hard to make everyone feel equal that it’s actually gone extreme in the other direction, and it’s dividing us again. Detrimental reparation.

Anyway, enjoy your day. Oh, and happy birthday, Katy. :toot:


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6 Responses

  1. They have gay pride parades here in Chicago. It’s ridiculous. Chicago PD blocks off the parade route, but it’s like they’re not even cops. For example, last year the Young Lesbians of America float. When it went by there were 20 chicks all going down on each other. Did they arrest them for indecent exposure? Hell no! They’d rather arrest innocent bystanders like me for masterbating in public! Fucking cops.

  2. Tommy Two-Times makes a good point. I too masterbated when that particular float went by…..no wait I wasn’t there I musta jacked off to somethin’ else that day. Anyway to quote a great american Rodney something or other “can’t we all just get along”.

  3. Captain, you are such a squirt!

  4. steppy says:

    Perfect! I think drinking vodka and bull semen sounds great. Actually that’s gross. It is what it is. Happy Birthday Katy. :)

  5. Katy80 says:

    u guys are dorks
    thank u it will be a happy birthday fo sho.

  6. Becky Riles says:

    Happy birthday Katy!! How old are you now?

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