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I’ve kind of gotten into this photography thing. I have always had an eye for it, and a desire to get passionate about it, but just never had the equipment. Well, now I do. Anyway, I’ve been taking pictures of everything lately. You know, you have to take a hundred shots to get ten good ones. If you’re lucky. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Well, I haven’t gotten to a level yet where I can make an exposure work no matter what. But I almost always can see when there’s potential for a good one.

A picture I took with the D40So I went to the dive shop the other day to get some equipment. This – uh, by the way, is a subject change here. Now I’m talking about SCUBA. A buddy of mine from work is a PADI instructor and runs classes at this dive shop. So he got me a discount on the SCUBA gear I needed, because I’m taking a dive trip here next month. I’ll be diving for sharks and buried treasure down in Key West. That’s okay, you don’t need to be jealous.

Anyway, while I was in the dive shop, I asked the lady who works there if she knew if they made a camera enclosure for the D40. Which is the camera I have. She said she thinks they do. I was like, cool. So the whole getup (with the strobe and all) costs around 150-200, right? Ahem. No. The camera enclosure alone costs as much as the camera. Wait, what? She said yeah, think about it. You have to have lens-quality glass, waterproof buttons that line up with all your features on the camera, it has to be depth resistant and safe for diving, and so on. Well, yeah, that makes sense I guess. But seriously, I’m going to spend a thousand dollars on a camera enclosure and a strobe? Yeah, I’ll pass. Plus I’d rather have my hands free while I’m diving so I can catch fish and pick up quarters and shit people dropped on the bottom.

So you can go check out my photostream if you want to. Not all the pictures on there were taken with the Nikon. But you can tell the ones that were. And in the bottom righthand corner, in the EXIF data section, you can see what camera was used. I think I’ve gotten some pretty good ones. This is one of my favorites with the Nikon.

Well, maybe in the future I’ll spring for one of those enclosures and get some good underwater shots. But for now, I think I need to work on my terrestrial photography.


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  1. Probably just rent a camera no more than you go diving. May not be as good as what you have but thats a lot of money for not much use.

  2. Becky Riles says:

    Those are some pretty good pictures Space!

    LOL at picking up quarters in the ocean… :D

  3. Space says:

    Yeah I was thinking about that, Captain. I’m probably not going to use one of my electives in my advanced dive cert for photography. I mean, really – do I need a class for that shit?

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