SpaceBrew Review: John Mayer live

John MayerFriday night was John Mayer night. If you recall, I was commenting from my brand new iPhone will sitting in the lawn, waiting for him to take the stage. Some guy with a very unattractive voice started things off. His music was all right. Then came Colbie Caillat. She’s pretty bubbly. She has a great voice though, and her show wasn’t bad at all. Then, at 9:53, the lights went out.

Presently, a shirtless John Mayer came out on stage, saying, “What’s up Dallas?” He played his entire set without his shirt on. And let me tell you, he can play in whatever attire he feels is fitting. He’s good enough to warrant playing in a woman’s thong and a purple boa. John Mayer rocked the house.

Now we all know he has a wickedly excellent voice. He sounds as good on stage as he does on album. That’s impressive. Belting it out for two hours, he was completely on top of his game. You also know that he is a master guitarist. I’ve not seen anything he can’t play yet. They covered Stevie’s “Cold Shot”, and upon closing my eyes, it almost sounded like SRV was on the stage. Even the vocals were close. But John’s ability to play the blues riffs is tight. He played another blues song about halfway through his set where during his lead solo, he got down and kneeled over his guitar, playing it like a piano as it lay on the stage. Then he lay beside it, just slamming out awesomeness into the hot Dallas night.

We made bets (as always) about which song they would open the show with. My guesses were 83 and Neon. Stephanie said Clarity. He opened with Bigger Than My Body. It was insane. He was bouncing around and energetic and just a really phenomenal showman. A fabulously good time was had by all. Even though this “all” to which I refer was mostly comprised of teenagers and very (very) young adults. Seriously, we were surrounded by adolescents. We were the only ones in or section drinking beer. I had no idea children had any interest in adult contemporary music. John had a good anti-drug message for them at the end of the show before he played Gravity. I thought that was pretty swell.

I took a few pictures, mostly of Stephanie and me, and the sea of people around us. My iPhone camera doesn’t have a zoom or a flash, so I had to make do. But there are a couple of pretty cool shots. Here’s one of John drowned in the lights. If you look closely at the screen you might be able to see him on that. I had no hope of actually catching any good images of them on the stage.

All in all, I’d give this concert about an 8 on a normal scale. He didn’t play nearly the amount of songs I expected, and he played I think three covers. I would rather him have played one cover and two others of his. He didn’t play City Love or Neon or 3×5 or 83 or Back to You – the list goes on. He did play a few that I really wanted to hear, like Vultures, Good Love is On the Way and Gravity. I just think that with the setlist he chose, he should have played two nights in a row. His performance was spotless though. Vocals, guitaring, energy… Excellent, excellent show. Way to go, John.


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  1. steppy says:


  2. Who is this faggot John Mayer?

  3. Space says:

    Oh, you wouldn’t like him, Tommy. He doesn’t cover Bette Midler and Celine Dion.

  4. No wonder he sucks!! If he doesn’t play the Titanic song, he’s a queer.

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