It’s all Exxon’s fault. Again.

Seriously. I am sick to death of gas stations and their evil ways. Oh what, have you not noticed? Seriously? So for the last thirty years there’s been a conspiracy between all gas stations. Every single one of them lists gas prices the same way. It’s not $1.32. It’s $1.32.9. Like anyone actually uses penny tenths. That’s the cheap way of saying the gas costs $1.33 per gallon. Unless you’re giving me back my tenth of a penny, you cobbler.

:rant: I am outraged because I know deep down inside that everytime my wife or my buddies tell me how much gas is, I know they are actually a penny off. And that’s PER GALLON. And I’m actually probably guilty of it too. I fall victim just like the rest of you. I glance up at the sign and think I’m getting a good deal when I see the gas costs 2.42, but I forget to add in the .9. Enough with the chicanery! The tomfoolery! The ballywho! The SKULLDUGGERY!

So what I have decided to do is take the fight back to them. I refuse to buy gas again until they update their signs to get rid of that annoying tenth of a cent part. You know how much money they could save without having to light that extra part of the sign even? And the companies that make those nine-tenths numbers could do better things with their time. I absolutely will not buy gas anymore from any gas station that does not get onboard with my new truth in advertising campaign. Yes. I will run out of gas. No, I will not be able to get anywhere. But that will SHOW THEM.


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  1. steppy says:

    Hmm….I’m not so sure this will work. I guess that we could get a vespa and get one of those carts that ride behind. That would work for all three kids. Oh and a side car too. :)

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