A Few Anger-Inducing News Blurbs

I was watching the news last night, and every single story pissed me off. First of all, and I think the worst of all, two grown men got into a fist fight at a children’s football game. And someone caught it on videotape. So they showed it on the news. Every single dude on that tape was a big brawny guy. And it clicked on in my head. All these idiots are football (NFL) freaks and they are probably forcing it into their sons’ lives hoping they become champions at it. And they get into an argument because “your son dropped the damn ball” and they end up fist fighting! What kind of moronic ignorant stupidity is this? You oafish ignorant assholes! You have the mind of a gorilla! Who the shit cares about the outcome? Let your kids get out there and have fun without worrying about the score! They’re not supposed to be professionals! If they don’t win, and you get into a fist fight over it, that just shows your very very low intelligence level. Wouldn’t you rather hide that?

Another news story from this week: A parent at a peewee league knocked down one of the ten-year-old players because he was upset with the way the boy was performing. This is a grown man knocking down a ten-year-old boy with a football blocking maneuver. If you start knocking down children, you have problems beyond just obsession with the sport. You deserve to be prosecuted. This dude is being charged with a felony class action against his dumb ass. Good. That makes me feel a little better. I don’t think there could be a punishment too harsh for someone like him. Thankfully, the child only received minor bruises and bumps. But the thought of it makes me ill.

The head coach ejected the parent from the field and they have banned him from returning to any further practices. I am not sure if it was his own child or not. Doesn’t really matter. I just feel sorry for the kid who does call this man his father. He probably gets a lot worse than that at home all the time. “You didn’t get a hundred on that test?” Bam. I really prefer not to even think about it.

And here’s one that falls into the “Dumb Laws and Regulations” category. Last night a lady got into a wreck in Highland Park, (an SUV type town) and she called AAA who would tow her car for free. That is part of what she is covered for. And the cops got there and told the AAA wrecker to leave. She had to use the city’s contracted wrecker service, where she ended up paying the $75 fee. That gets me a little twisted. You know, it’s not very often I would side with a woman driver. Because she probably caused the wreck herself by being on the phone, gabbing gossip to her BFF, while looking in the mirror to see how good her lipstick looked. But still. She pays for AAA service, she should reap the benefits of it. This would be my sign to move the hell out of Highland Park.

Okay, I need to take some deep breaths and calm down a little. The people on this planet get me so full of rage. Glad not to be a part of them!


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