Storm’s Run-in with Tiffany

My associate and good friend Storm had a little run in today. Being a professional photographer, he “happened to be” at the Tower Records Playboy Signing tonight. so he caught some excellent pictures of Tiffany. Oh. My. God. I was just talking about liking Tiffany and that she’s in the new Playboy and everything then he suddenly comes along and sends me pictures of himself with her. Bastard.

I think she looks better in these photos than the Playboy ones. Well besides the fact that she isn’t naked, I mean, she just looks more natural. No airbrushing either. And those tits! I think the buttons on that shirt must have popped off. These are four of the fifty or so that he sent me. And of course, I bled the color out and pasted a tag on them for his benefit. But if you want to see more, you can carry your lazy ass over to his site and order the full size ones. Eat your heart out, kinetic kim:

Okay now looking at those pictures of her with those big soft boobs and that microphone in her hand, can you imagine being there and seeing that live? And hearing her sing I Think We’re Alone Now? Yeah. Sort of ruins the image, doesn’t it? I doubt though, that she has any new stuff worth listening to. Let’s face it. We all loved her back then because she was young. And we were young. And she sang to us. Now we just want to see those big soft beautiful boobs.

I love my friends. Storm is my friend. I love Storm. But dammit if I don’t want to kick his ass right now.


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2 Responses

  1. Kinetic Kim says:

    Oh my God. That’s what you pigs waited for? Accounting for lack of color and size, I’ve come to the conclusion that your childhood fantasies have overpowered your ability to actually register what you are looking at. For one thing, her boobs are fake as pro wrestling. Secondly, she doesn’t look that good anyway – certainly not to be in Playboy – and trust me, I’m not jealous of her. Thirdly, she reminds me of Garth “The Sellout” Brooks. She knew her career was dead as doornails, and after several flopped albums she finally realized she didn’t have it anymore. So she wants another publicity stool to climb onto.

    Welcome to the porn world, Tiffany, where you show everything people were never meant to see, lose all respect, and are generally forgotten in a few weeks. Why? Because if you wanted to hang on with your “fabulous naked body” then don’t you think you should have gone with Penthouse? Playboy’s binding contracts will keep you from baring those big boobs anywhere else unless you wanna be kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and lose even more respect due to the infamy Playboy pastes on your career. Wow, what a sad case. Anyway, that’s my two cents. I know none of you actually give a hell about my two cents, but I can’t go unspoken…

  2. Space says:

    You’re just jealous cuz her boobs are bigger.

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