America: A Suit-Happy Nation

I’ve told you all we’re a suit-happy nation. If someone spills coffee on her lap she wants to sue McDonald’s. If someone forgets to put on his seatbelt and goes through the windshield, he wants to sue Ford. Now the woman whose son crashed his Cessna into the empty building… She wants to sue the people who make the drug he was taking for acne.

No one wants to take the blame for anything these days. No one wants to be accountable or take responsibility for the stupid shit they do. They look ignorant in front of everyone, so they want to take a power trip to wealth to feel better. Sue, sue, sue!

She says that the drug he was taking had severe psychiatric side effects. Yeah, specifically on the box it says “may cause patient to have a strong desire to crash into something. Keep patient out of reach of single engine Cessnas.” What about the hundreds of thousands of other people taking the drug? How come they haven’t jumped ship and hiked their planes into buildings? Didn’t have the smarts? The access? But this teenager did.

But let’s not forget, this was a major coincidence the boy just happened to be an Osama bin Laden supporter. Let’s not forget that this happened on the coat tails of the September 11 attack on the country this boy lived in. What an amazing coincidence the boy said he was meant to die for this cause even though he wasn’t smart enough to aim for a building full of people. It just amazes me – all these things would make you think he wanted to crash that plane on purpose! Guess it had to be the pills though. Maybe if you’d nurtured that boy and shown him some love growing up – maybe if you’d been a good mother, he’d not have killed himself by crashing a plane into a building. Fancy way to commit suicide, I must say, but a razor is no less effective.

This woman, along with millions of other Americans, needs to grow the shit up and quit pointing her finger at everyone else. Your boy was warped. He was ignorant and stupid and probably depressed. But it took some effort to acquire that plane, I’m sure. And learn to fly it well enough to land it on the twelfth storey of a building, right beneath the thirteenth storey. Why don’t you sue the makers of the building, since his hitting it is what ultimately caused his demise? That would be productive.


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