Chick Games

Why is it that women wear things that show off their beautiful bodies? That’s it. No buts attached to that question. We obviously aren’t allowed to look at them, so why is it that they force us to by wearing these things which accentuate their better parts? I’ve been less than happy with the results I get when I give them the attention they so obviously crave. Don’t tell me that these women don’t have a choice in what they buy. If the only clothing available on the racks was this stuff that shows midriff and cleavage, and hip-huggers, then all the old women out there would be wearing the same things.

So these seriously fine women wear fine clothing that shows you exactly how beautiful their bodies really are. And you’re not allowed to look. Clause 1: Your wife / girlfriend / fiancée / significant other won’t allow it. If you look at another woman while you are with her, you get slapped for not paying attention to her (your girl). But your girl pulls her clothes off the same shelves that the old women buy from. So no one wants to look at her – including yourself. But yet you get in trouble when you look at the other women out there who do wear it. Clause 2: The women pay good money for this clothing, but you aren’t allowed to admire it because their boyfriend / husband / fiancée / significant other is with them, and they get pissed if another man looks at his woman. But he’s the one who let her wear it out in public. And he’s the one who probably bought it for her.

So you have here a group of hot women wearing hot clothing that looks really nice on them, and we are defeated by not being allowed to look at their breasts / stomach / ass / cleavage / back for whatever reason. There are of course, several other clauses I haven’t mentioned here. So what do you do? I hereby propose a solution.

Fight back.

Men, start wearing revealing clothing. Clause 1: You have to choose how to react. Do you act like they do and get pissed when they look at you? Or do you try to reverse their behavior by reversing your own? If you turn towards them when they see you looking, it will show them that you don’t mind them looking. Reward: they get to see you, and you get to see them admiring. Clause 2: Decide what to wear, reveal. Do you show part of your ass? Part of your hairy back? (please no) Or do you wear hip-huggers that they might see your pelvic bone and your happy trail? Well either way, I think it’s plain to see we’d be spreading the point that way at least. They would catch on real quick that we are playing the same game they are now. Then when you catch them looking, you have the right to look back. And there’s nothing they can say! You with me? Yeah! Hell yeah! No? Okay. Maybe it’s not such a good idea. I know I’m not personally excited by the prospect of seeing a low cut shirt that shows hairy man back. But hey if it means I get to look at tits, there ain’t a lot I won’t let slide.


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