Women Drivers – An Oxymoron?

I know, I know, you’re all getting sick of hearing about how bad women drivers are. But they keep staying bad. And I had to laugh this morning on my way to work when I saw an overturned SUV in the middle of an intersection.

Now I would never laugh at someone’s misfortune or injury. But I gladly laugh at their stupidity. Because I am of the opinion that 100% of accidents can be avoided with defensive driving. You might not be able to prevent someone REAR-ENDING YOU, but the person behind you COULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION (what a novel idea) and prevented it themselves. So when some pompous SUV driving idiot tries to make a light when it’s yellow – and they’re still a hundred yards out – they end up running through an intersection, phone glued to head, on a red light. They deserve to be plowed into. Teach their ass a lesson.

So what we have here is some woman either A) trying to make the light because she’s too impatient to wait another cycle, or B) she WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION and ran the damn thing all together. Pick one. Now I don’t know whether or not she was hit in the intersection, or if she just dumped it over. Either is as likely as the other – especially since the driver was a woman. You have to remember, people: SUV’s have a higher CG than regular cars. You have to account for that, especially when you’re on the phone, putting on your makeup, reading a book, sipping coffee, changing the radio station, and shifting gears simultaneously. Here’s the art. Excuse the blurred appearance, as I was driving, shifting gears, trying to take the picture, and talking on the phone.


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