Gracie, the Iranian Sandalhound

I haven’t had a puppy in so long I almost don’t remember what their breath smells like. But now again, I’m constantly reminded. Gracie was thrown in a dumpster by someone who didn’t want Gracie, and when my uncle went to take the trash out he saw Gracie in said dumpster, and thus now Gracie belongs to me. How anyone can throw a dog away is beyond me entirely, but I’ve tried to look at this from two sides.

The one side is the obvious: someone was a heartless asshole who hates animals and has no love for anything other than himself. He threw a little bitty Iranian Sandalhound puppy into a garbage dump to be killed by trash and dumped in a foul-smelling pit. Anyone who could do this should be shot and thrown into a garbage dump to be killed by trash and dumped in a foul-smelling pit.

Alternatively, someone threw a tiny Iranian Sandalhound puppy into the garbage dump in an effort to avoid having her run out into the busy boulevard just beyond the parking lot of my uncle’s card shop. This can be viewed as humane and – at the same time – very optimistic. I personally wouldn’t want to take a risk like that – chancing that someone is going to come rescue my previous puppy.

At any rate, come what may my uncle did find her and passed her on to us to take care of. We love her. And being our second dog (our other dog, Hunter, is a Roman Firebox) we feel as though our household is now complete. What with a snake, two dogs and a cat, that’s more than enough for me. If it starts feeling too crowded around here I guess I’ll have to get rid of my wife’s cat.


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