Newscasters: A Hive of Scum and Villainy

We watched House tonight on television – great show, by the way – and as I was getting up to turn off the TV, the ‘next on’ bit came on to tell me what was going to be on the news at nine tonight. Immediately I got so disgusted I wanted to hit someone. Real hard. And this isn’t one of those annoyances – this was an almost incoceivably inconsiderate and disrespectful piece they were advertising.

She said it with fervor, “… Plus, how this swimsuit supermodel barely survived the crashing winds of the tsunami!” played against some moving footage of the woman modeling in a bikini.

Deep breaths, Space. I shouldn’t have to go any further, in hoping that you all see it blaring like morning light through your window. But you know me, and how I like to beat into the ground what ever point I’m trying to make. So I’ll say it anyway. Have you no tact? Have you no respect for human life – or rather, respect for the dead? Are you so short of news that you have to scrape the bottom of the bad taste barrel? How about saying it like it really is? “Hey, audience! Tonight we showcase a not-very-pretty bikini model and tell you the brave story of how she barely survived the tsunami! Forget the 50 thousand people who didn’t make it! They aren’t important, and we can’t talk to them anyway! Let’s stomp on their graves by glorifying this tramp and her not-so-exciting story!”

I’d not be so offended if they just left out the footage of her bikini modeling. That’s just trashy. The tsunami story isn’t a week old and you’re already putting crap like this in front of it. It’s bad enough that you mention she’s a bikini model. What the great green hell does that possibly have to do with anything? How is that pertinent to the story? Was she on the beach modeling when the tsunami came in? Why not just say “this woman’s amazing survival story” instead? You might throw in later on that she happens to be a bikini model. At least spare the families who are still hurting from having to see the deaths of their loved ones spit on.

You know how I said not too long ago that I had a sudden rise in hope for humanity? I thought things might be on the upward path once again? Bah. People suck. If you lost someone in that tsunami I am truly sorry for your loss, and I regret that you have to suffer trash like that just so they can sell their product to viewers. God bless you, and I hope your mourning is short.


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