Ye Ole Hot Dog Roll-Up

Yeah that was a good holiday. Though I spent entirely too much time in the sun. And uh, forgot to put on sunscreen. I’m redder than an angry Indian in a bloodbath. That’s all right, fun was had by all.

Shockingly, we didn’t get any pictures of the event because my camera battery charger is screwed up and doesn’t roast them long enough. I just ordered another on eBay though, so we’ll be set soon. Meanwhile, I guess I can tell you what happened. And theoretically, I could say anything I wanted and you’d have to believe me because I didn’t get pictures – so – wait. I have that backwards don’t I?

Anyway, not terribly eventful. We had two fatalities. Couple guys jumping off the roof didn’t quite make it over the slide. We all smoked out and played guitars, sang, drank massive amounts of beer and topped it all off with a terribly large and lengthy orgy, which ran well into the night. Good party. You should have been there.

But anyway, Stout and I burned some hot dog roll-ups tonight, in honor of our country’s birthday. A few days ago. Well, we had to honor something, right? Pictures will follow, and unfortunately I wasn’t bright enough to remember to photograph the initial steps, but I started snapping once we got them on the grill. But here’s the recipe:

Take a hot dog and roll two pieces of bacon around it, then throw that on the grill for a while. While that’s burning, break two eggs in a dish and beat the shit out of them. Then square up about 5 or 6 ounces of ground beef and drop it in the egg. Season with pepper, minced onions and garlic salt. Let sit for a while. Go check on your dogs, chief!

Once the bacon is fully cooked, the hot dog will probably be exploded too. This means it’s done. Take it off the fire and drop it on your square of eggbeaf. Put a couple of squares of cheese on there, then roll that puppy up and pack it around the bacondog real good. Then you plant the whole brick on the grill. Let this sit for about twenty minutes to make sure the beef is cooked all the way through. With about four minutes left on the clock, butter up a hoagie or a steak roll and drop it on the grill.

Serve up and eat! Stout and I topped ours with mustard. Here’s the pics!

And here’s the ingredients you’ll need. This is for two roll-ups:

1 pound ground beef
4 eggs
1 pound bacon
4 slices American cheese
2 steak rolls
1 package beef franks
6 pack beer


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