Book Update

I’m halfway done with the final readthrough of Resurrecting Mars. My dad read through it and made some notes, some suggestions, and some comments. After a good long discussion, I made some pretty major plot changes that strengthen the tale and make the characters and – well, the plot – more solid.

My theory is that I should be done with the readthrough by Wednesday or so. I hope that’s not too optimistic. But hell, I had originally thought I’d be done by Saturday night with the reading, then I’d spend all day Sunday applying the changes, then Monday morning I’d submit the final copy for press.

Anyway, I should finish reading by Wednesday, then make all the changes and be done with that by Friday, then submit the final copy by Friday night or Saturday. Therefore I should have a pre-press copy in my hands by next Friday, whereupon I can do a final final readthrough. Then I’ll start selling copies.

I of course also have to send a letter to my agent now, telling him of all the changes I’ve made – since I just sent him a manuscript.


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