Remember Memorial Day

So how was your Memorial Day? Did you remember? I know most of you did. And most of us remember by drinking beer and grilling out. Any kind of meat seems to be appropriate. Any kind of beer seems to be appropriate. And as long as a swimming pool is involved, people are enjoying the hell out of their Memorial Day. But are we really remembering why it’s even called Memorial Day? I hope so.

I know Siege dressed in his full Class-A Marines dress uniform and visited the Dallas Memorial Cemetery. He went to pay his respects to those who have fallen in the line of duty. Stout and I were going to go as well, but it was too short notice, and we found ourselves lacking parts of our uniforms. But that won’t happen again. Next holiday we will be ready.

So what did you do? I always like to ask people to say a prayer for our soldiers, nod your head respectfully at the flag, and maybe find a veteran (or an active service member, for that matter) and say thank you. Shake his or her hand, hug him or her and maybe even give him or her a pat on the back. But make sure you make someone feel validated. They don’t need it to feel validated. But I know we appreciate the respect.

Picture of a true patriotWhat I cannot stand is those who actually defy the patriotic sentiment. Those who don’t stand for the singing of the National Anthem. Or don’t take their hats off or cover their hearts, or even have the courtesy and respect to just shut the hell up for a few minutes. Take this picture, for example. You have the Marines marching out there, carrying our country’s colors, and on the front row, there sits a line of douchebags who don’t even have the reverence to stand up and pay honor to them. How would you feel if you were marching, proudly supporting your country, and those you are defending don’t even have the care to show you some appreciation? But if you look at the picture again, notice the only guy standing is older, probably a veteran, and bound to a wheelchair. It makes me sick at my stomach that he was the only man out there. Those other assholes should be taught a history lesson.

I know I write about this frequently, but one thing you know about me – or that I hope you know – is that I am a patriot. I am a veteran. I served my country. Not for very long, only four years, but they were four honorable years and I gave them every bit of that four years. When I die, I want people to remember me as someone who loved his country. I don’t always agree with what the leaders say or what they put in place; and you know I rant plenty about the idiocracy that dwells here within these walls, taking for granted the very freedom the rest of us fought for. That doesn’t seem fair. Moochers. To all you non-veterans, all it costs you to take full advantage of this freedom is a thank you occasionally. Or a moment of silence and reverence during the Anthem. Or a proud nod to the flag. Just act like you care.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend. I don’t really ever wish anyone a ‘good’ Memorial Day. In fact, for me it’s usually a time of deep heartfelt emotion and even some tears. A lot of thoughtful reflection. I still enjoy myself. I still have a few Cold Ones. I just don’t like to forget what we’re supposed to be remembering. Thanks to everyone who remembered yesterday. Thank you to those of you who thanked or saluted a veteran. And thank you, most of all, to those of you who served. God bless you.


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4 Responses

  1. Phil Mabe says:

    Amen brother. Thanks to all the veterans who paid for our freedom.

  2. somebody set up us says:

    My brother was killed in combat in Iraq. Before I was sort of apathetic about the military in general. But after he died something inside me changed. Now when I see people being disrespectful during the national anthem I’m likely to rip their arms from their sockets.

    Thanks for serving, Space. I wish I could do more.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thanks to all of you who served! I couldn’t join because I have a bad knee. Not that I would have joined, Im not a fighter. But thanks to those of you that do.

  4. Catina says:

    A veterans funeral (and i have been to 3 in the past year) brings me to my knees everytime. Taps and the guns make me sob but the flag ritual absolutly kills me. Seeing them care for the flag and then… THEN get on their knees in their dress whites and soil the knees of their uniform and tears streaking down their face of this fellow soldier that they did not even know. That is true respect. My favorite place in the whole world is the tomb of the unknown soldier. If you do not know the sorty behind the Men that serve there you should look it up. It is most definitely worth knowing. I wish more folks had more pride in their country. Patriotism is dying.

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