A New Forum for Old Taste

I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the links over there on the right side of your screen. The little orange ones in the box titled ‘Navigate’. If you haven’t noticed, there are two new links there. Stories takes you to the short stories page, which is something I will be concentrating on pretty heavily over the next few weeks. And Forums is a brand new project. I opened up the SpaceBrew forums so people have a — well, a forum in which they can rant, rave or just read. When the comments section of a column isn’t enough, go open a new thread in the forums.

There are two categories right now on the board; one is the Discussion area, and the other is tentatively titled Media. I may or may not keep that one in place. But for now, it’s there. Inside the Discussion, there are three forums. Your Dose of Humanity is the main one. This is a place where you can post a new topic about anything you want, and get your own responses and interaction going. It’s pretty much an open forum to post whatever topics you want. The SpaceBrew Review is a home for site discussion. If you have something to say about a column someone wrote, or about the technical and design aspects of the main website, this is where you post. The third is Your Chance To Shine, which is a place for those who would like to try their hand at writing.

We SpaceBrew writers have our own place to write and get a whole lot of attention, but this third forum is for those who are not member writers here but have something to say. Short story? Anecdote? Poem (gay)? Go make something happen!

The second category, Media, is kind of gay, but I was just looking for something to fill space. I think I may keep the pictures forum, a place to post image sets or whatever, but you may see the music forum disappear before you even get a chance to check it out. I’m still sort of banging out the code and putting the whole thing together, so it will be changing and growing. But I do encourage you to check it out and make some entries. To post on the forums you do have to register a username, but it only takes a second, it’s free, and you know you want to anyway.

There are seven levels of rank to be attained, awarded by number of posts. Once you reach your 25th, for instance, you move from Interested Listener to Conspiracy Theorist. Once you hit 50, you graduate to Conspiracy Analyst. The most coveted, of course, is the Illuminati Minister reserved for those who have made a thousand posts. So get going, Brewheads! There’s much to be discussed!

The new Short Stories page
The SpaceBrew Forums


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Looks good Space. Looks like you need to get some more topics on there though.

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