I almost died in a horse fire.

Fourteen years, guys. FOURTEEN EFFING YEARS this site has been up and running. And that doesn’t include the slash tilde days before I even had a domain name. You know how long that is? That’s long enough to have a child, watch it grow up through the diaper and talking-back phase and hit puberty. That’s long enough to own a dog, watch it grow old and have to put it down. That’s long enough to own several cars. In short, that’s a long ass time.

Maybe you would think that should mean I have a thousand columns on here. Well keep in mind, that during the early days of the site I had up to six writers at a time (including myself) sending in columns for their publication. So I didn’t write every day. But if you count all those columns other writers wrote, and all the columns I trimmed off as being no longer relevant, plus all the four hundred fifty something I have currently, yeah, you get real close to a thousand columns.

So this has come up around the bar table several times over the years. It’s come up at shopping malls and racetracks, LAN parties and visits to the playground. “When are you going to publish all your columns in book form, Space?” The time is now.

Well, relatively speaking, it’s now. I have finally decided to move forward with this pursuit, full force! And what that means for you is that you will finally have the opportunity to go pay for a product which contains all the columns you can read here for absolutely free! Why, then, you might ask, would I do such a thing? Well, that’s where my system of answers begins to break down a little bit. I don’t exactly know. I just thought it would be a neat idea to finally take them off the virtual plane of the internet and bring them to reality in a paperback book. I will certainly have one for myself.

And maybe you have a grandmother (or a batshit insane woman who lives across the street from you) who doesn’t have the internet, but loves to read short quips and rants against humanity. And so maybe she would like to have a copy. Either way, being a collector, I think this is the ultimate result to my relentless pursuit of having the complete collective. If that’s not a good enough reason why, then just don’t buy one!

But if you think it would be cool to have one sitting on your bookshelf that you could crack open at any time for a quick laugh (or cry), then by all means, you should go pick one up at your local Amazon!

So what’s that got to do with horses?

Well, I will tell you. This paperback book will contain all the diary posts, the travel chronicles, the rants, reviews, interviews, bacon talks, science columns, news announcements and events. That’s pretty much everything, folks. And there’s a lot of it.

So if you’ve been reading this site for a long time, and would like a memento of sorts, the Collective will be available for purchase soon. Just stay tuned!

UPDATE!It’s ready, friends. Here’s the link for purchasing. Well, here it is.


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