National Breast Awareness Week

Well, it’s Mardi Gras time again, gentlemen. And you all know what that means. I think it’s the main reason most men even attend a Mardi Gras festival. Yep. Tits.

When and where else can a man stand around on the street and watch girls lift their shirts and let their boobs bounce out just to get beads? You really can’t beat it. Course, I have never gone to Mardi Gras. I have been to smaller versions of the same thing, locally. Every year in Denton is the Fry Street Fair. And if you have ever been there, you know there are plenty of women showing plenty of booby. A lot of them fail to wear shirts entirely.

It’s an exciting atmosphere, not only for the bare mams, but because of the loud music and beer everywhere, and the smell of pot lingering in the air. Basically, it’s total debauchery served up on a hot plate for the cost of however much gas it takes you to get there. Not generally my atmosphere of choice, but I have been before.

I used to go watch the live bands rip up the air waves and go wild on the stage out in the parking lots. I saw some good bands come out of there. Mushroom Groovy, Ten Hands, Fishbone, Love Swing, and many more. And naturally, the women start hearing good music, and start pulling those blouses off. It’s like a trigger. Live music induces severe shirt lifting. What a great deal for the men. I was talking yesterday about the subtle differences between the sexual freedom of a man and a woman. Here’s a chance for a woman to be equally as free with baring their chests in public as a man is. God bless America.

So if yesterday was Fat Tuesday, what does that make today? Anyone have any good Mardi Gras stories? Send ’em in. Send in your pictures too. I will post it all.

I heard about all the riots and looting and stuff that went on last night. What kind of stupid shit is that? It always pisses me off to hear about looters. Like when the power in a city goes out. What’s the first thing people do? They loot. The go break into places and vandalize things and steal a bunch of stuff. I think anyone caught looting ought to be shot to death. That’s my take. I’m more inclined to make that my motto. You remember George Carlin’s motto? He says, “Live and let live. Anyone who can’t go along with that, take him outside and shoot the mother cobbler.” Seems fair enough.

No other news to report at the time, so I will post a picture. Don’t you hate it when you are standing in line at the photo lab and you have a couple of shots left on the camera, and you accidentally fire off a shot of the person behind you? I hate that shit. What a waste of film and money. That’s exactly what happened to me with my advantix camera. And this is how it came out. It reminds me subtly of why I bought a digital camera. I can delete those unwanted pictures that somehow didn’t come out the way I thought they would. Oh well, you live and you learn, right?


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