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Stout and I sat on the balcony overlooking my pool for one or several hours last night. I don’t know why we didn’t get in the pool. Well, probably because we were drinking pretty heavily and it was dark. We came up with some pretty good character assignments for my books, should they ever be made into movies. For those of you who’ve read Midnight’s Park, check this list out and tell me what you think.

Daniel Brandt: Colin Farrell
Amalie London: Rachael Leigh Cook
Anna Nicholas: Anna Paquin
Callie Simmons: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Walter Watson: Ashton Kutcher
Priscilla Martin: Liv Tyler

It’s odd, I’m not typically a fan of Liv, but Stout mentioned her last night and I couldn’t deny she fits the part. She has that air of class in whatever role she’s playing, and I think she could do it well. It’s hard to find a whole shitload of actors in that age group though. Since I wrote it when I was in my late twenties, so were most of the characters. The second book, however, has a character base in their mid-thirties. Here’s the list of those characters:

Donnie Oliver: Gary Sinise
Mike Thurman: Will Patton
Shanna King: Drew Barrymore
Callie Simmons: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Thad Cloys: Michael Clark Duncan
Brian Bradley: Steve Zahn
Kimbre Callahan: Monica Potter
Mark Bragg: Owen Wilson
Delilah Danley: Famke Janssen

Yeah, the second one could effectively be called Armageddon 2: Return of the Actors. But meh, I doubt the author really ever gets much say in who goes into the movie. If you haven’t read the books yet, you can now picture these people playing the parts and you’ll end up seeing it quite close to the way I did when I wrote them.


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2 Responses

  1. trumby says:

    Good list for the first book. I’ll comment on the second book after I’ve read it.

    I was thinking along the lines of Elisabeth Shue for Callie

  2. Kinetic Kim says:

    I like your character casting. I think Claire Forlani would make a better Annabelle though. She’s so prim and proper, classy and pretty.

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